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Upon your arrival, there will be a health intake form for you to fill out. After reviewing it, we'll discuss a plan of what you'd like to achieve during your session - be it relaxation, focused areas of care, etc. This is your time and it is custom tailored to your specific needs and healthcare goals. 


Leaving you with privacy in the room to undress, I will return (knocking before entering) once you are situated and covered on the massage table.

Music volume, the brightness of light, table heat and face cradle are adjusted to your preference at any time before or during your session. 


As we begin, I'll give you a "road map" of our plan so your mind is at ease and not left wondering where I'll be working or moving to next. 

If you desire more or less pressure in certain areas of the body, please let me know as communication is a key component to a successful treatment. Should you decide you would like extra time or diversion in the plan, we can discuss the possibility of doing so based on my scheduling for the day. 


When our time is completed, I quietly leave the room. Please take a moment to let your mind and body awaken at your own pace before dressing and exiting the room.


A complimentary bottle of spring, coconut, or flavored sparkling water awaits you as payment is rendered after your time of service. Discussion of findings and improvements made are a great way to track your progress during this time. 


An opportunity to pre-book your next appointment in advance, for the day and time that works best for you, is available in the office. If you prefer to see how things feel for a while and schedule at another time, that's fine too.


If this is your first massage, or you're looking for a new therapist, I am more than happy to schedule a pre-massage visit to discuss treatment options and give a tour of the space used. Pairing you with the right therapist for your needs is important, and I'm here to assist in your endeavor.

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