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What will my first session look like?

Prior to your arrival, two mandatory forms will be sent to your email for you to fill out. These are to be completed prior to your appointment to ensure optimal time for treatment.


At the start of your appointment, we will review the health history form you filled out, discuss your goals for treatment, perform clinical assessments based on your symptoms, and formulate a treatment plan based on your needs and assessment results. A clear explanation will be given as to the areas that will be treated, techniques that will be used, and draping landmarks that will be implemented throughout the treatment.


Upon verbal and/or written consent from you to proceed with the treatment and treatment plan, I will step out of the room to allow you to undress to your level of comfort. Once you are safely on the table and ready for me to come in, I will return to begin treatment, reminding you of which areas we agreed to work on. Music volume, the brightness of light, table heat and face cradle are adjustable to your preference at any time before or during your session.  


Once the treatment is completed, I will quietly leave the room to allow you to safely get off the table and dressed. Upon returning, I may conduct a re-assessment to determine results of the treatment, and assign home care  exercises that promote continued health.

A complimentary bottle of spring water awaits you as payment is rendered after your time of service.

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