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How far do I need to undress for treatment? How will I be covered during treatment?


Clear options for disrobement will be provided you according to the area of treatment and treatment plan agreed upon during your assessment. This will vary patient to patient, depending on treatment needs. 


Because of the nature of orthopedic therapeutic massage and the use of a medium to perform treatment, direct skin contact is preferred when working on treatment areas. However, patients are encouraged only to undress to their level of comfort.


Only the area being worked on will be exposed during treatment. Strict, clinically appropriate draping is used at all times throughout the treatment, and draping boundaries will be clearly explained to new patients prior to their first treatment. 


The respect and protection of your modesty, security, dignity and comfort take PRECEDENCE during your treatments at Restoration. If at any point the client feels uncomfortable with the draping, it is the right of the client to let the therapist know, and changes can be made. Additional blankets, sheets and towels are also available for added comfort and security.

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