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What is it?

Orthopedic massage therapy is results-oriented form of manual therapy. In contrast to other forms of massage therapy, orthopedic massage offers specialized assessments, treatment plans, techniques and goals to specifically address a soft-tissue injuries.


Orthopedic massage therapy assessments include postural examination, range of motion testing, muscle length and strength testing, special orthopedic tests and neurological testing to determine the source and cause of your pain. Following the assessments, a wide variety of specialized techniques are chosen to best treat the particular needs of each client. Such techniques include myofascial release, facial and muscular myotonics, joint mobilizations, proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation and strengthening techniques.


Beyond just decreasing your pain, orthopedic massage works to improve the overall functionality of the body by removing sources of compression, increasing range of motion and balancing soft tissue throughout the body. Whether your pain is stemming from a recent or chronic sports injury, an overuse/repetitive strain injury, chronic illness or surgery, orthopedic massage therapy can help!




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