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Staying within the "it hurts so good" zone

Have you've been stuck traveling, or hunched over a computer for hours? Muscles easily become tense! Generally, a modality to consider for athletes as well as the nine-to-five desk job, Deep Tissue Massage can relieve chronic patterns of pain and tension, specifically in the back, shoulder, and neck. This type of massage can be very efficient in relieving problem areas and is highly therapeutic. ​

Deep Tissue Massage uses many of the same movements and techniques as Swedish Massage, but the pressure will generally be more intense and include cross-fiber friction. Although Deep Tissue is a more focused type of technique, I work within your comfort level for a more effective release of chronic muscle tension and adhesions found within deeper tissue structures of the muscle, connective tissue and tendons to alleviate chronic muscle pain.

"No pain, no gain" is a common mistake made, believing relief will come from tolerating painful digging and crushing of the muscles for an entire session, through gritted teeth. My trained knowledge of proper pressure and toolbox of technique ensures the lasting relief you are seeking; rather than the counterproductive use of hostile, painful force.

Because of the therapeutic nature of deep tissue massage, you should be aware of few precautions:

Do not opt for Deep Tissue Massage if you have been diagnosed with blood clots in the past since the massage may dislodge the clots. Talk to your doctor if you have or are at risk of forming blood clots.

Check with your doctor if you have had chemotherapy, radiation, recent surgery, or any medical condition. Also, avoid Deep Tissue Massage if you have osteoporosis.

Inform your massage therapist if you have inflamed or infected skin, tumors, abdominal hernia, fragile bones, or recent fractures. Massaging on these areas is not advisable.

If you have any medical condition, especially ailments that affect bones, muscles, or joints, consult your doctor before undergoing Deep Tissue Massage.

Deep Tissue Massage or any strong pressure should be avoided during pregnancy.

If you’re prone to feeling a graduated level of sickness or pain after a traditional Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue may not be for you as the intensity can worsen those symptoms. 

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